Border Security

I believe that without strong protected borders we will not have a country. As a leader in the State House, I made sure that Arizona provided the resources to fight the drug cartels, human traffickers, and other criminals taking advantage of our unprotected border. When I discovered that criminal illegal immigrants were being let out of prison having served less time in prison than criminal American citizens, I wrote the law that made sure that illegal immigrants were not given preferential treatment. I also fought to ensure that funding was provided to build the border wall that has proven to greatly stop the flow of illegal immigration and crime that hurts Arizona and its people.

I will always fight to protect Arizona and the sovereignty of America. Being an American is a privilege and those who break our laws, commit crimes, and abuse our generosity should not be granted special privileges. I will always put Arizona and its people first.


Economic Growth

I believe that the best way to grow an economy is to unleash the full capacity of the American people to work hard. As a business owner I have created jobs, worked on a set budget, and controlled costs to allow my business to prosper and grow. As the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee I lead the charge on the tax policies, regulatory reforms, and economic plans that helped create real historic growth in Arizona for working families and businesses. I am proud to have led Republicans in passing balanced budgets as well as write the bill to phase out the Arizona Income Tax. I believe that Arizona families deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money and know how to better spend it than the government.

I will oppose any future attempts of any government body from trying to illegally shut down our economy again due to Covid or any other reason. It was illegal when it happened in 2020 and it can not happen again. All the jobs, businesses, and opportunities that were sacrificed for cheap political points were lost unnecessarily. Arizona and its people can not afford to be shut down again to appease the radical wishes of politicians who have never earned a paycheck or had the opportunity of being able to sign one.

Educational Freedom

Every parent should have the right to choose the best educational environment for their child. As a leader in the State House, I ensured that Arizona expanded parental access to funds that would allow parents to put their child in a successful school instead of forcing children to stay in failing schools. I also brokered the legislative deal that broke the Red for Ed riots and made sure that children and classrooms were getting our education dollars and not radical Democrats.

I will fight to ensure that Critical Race Theory is taken out of our schools. I will take the fight to any school district that wants to implement racist policies in classrooms. No child should be taught that they are either superior or inferior due to their skin color. As my record shows, I will always oppose the Democrat attempts to bring back their old policies of segregation and racism into our schools.

Back the Blue

As the Vice-Chairman of the Public Safety and Military Affairs Committee I led the fight against the Democrats trying to defund our police and make it harder for local law enforcement to keep our streets safe. Our police must be able to do the tough job of enforcing our laws and keeping criminals off the streets. We owe them our full support and must provide the funding they need to do their job as well as hold radical Democrat cities accountable for defunding their police departments.

Election Integrity

Without free and honest elections that all Arizonans can trust and believe in, we will lose all other freedoms we have. As the leader of the conservative Liberty Caucus, I fought for honest and transparent elections. I successfully fought to end the radical Democrat practice of ballot harvesting and pushed for stricter voter ID laws that would prevent dishonest voting by those who should not voting in our elections. I will not compromise on the security of our elections.

Without free and honest elections, we will lose all other freedoms we have. We must protect our most sacred right as a free people by passing legislation that protects our elections and severely punishes those who would disenfranchise the American people by defrauding the election system and manipulating vote totals.

Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is what ensures we keep all our rights. As the leader of the conservative Liberty Caucus, I fought to pass legislation that made it easier for Americans to exercise their gun rights and blocked liberal attempts to limit ammunition and grab guns from law abiding people. I was proud to work with the NRA to protect the 2nd Amendment and earn an A rating and their endorsement.

We must protect and expand our right to keep and bear arms. We must always support the basic right of all people to defend themselves, their loved ones, their property, and their civil liberties.