Darin Mitchell is a lifelong conservative Republican who got started in Arizona politics as a young activist in the Reagan Revolution. Darin grew up in a family construction business and learned the values of hard work, personal accountability, and always doing the right thing during the hot summers working for his father as a kid. Eventually, Darin became a builder himself and now Darin and his wife Sondra are proud to run a successful Arizona small business that has been able to survive the tough times and continues to grow.


In 2012 Darin was compelled to run for public office because the Obama administration had declared economic war on the working men and women of America. Darin ran on a campaign to cut taxes for the people of Arizona and eliminate harmful regulations that got in the way of business growth and new jobs. Darin also promised to fight for balanced budgets, development of our natural resources, quality education, support for law enforcement, and the security of Arizona’s Southern border. Darin got elected in 2012 and, unlike career politicians, brought his business attitude to the legislature and kept his word.


Darin served in the State House as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee where he was a leader on creating the State tax policy that led to tax cuts and job growth that directly helped Arizona families and businesses for years. Darin’s leadership in the State House led him to also serve as Vice-Chair on the Public Safety, Military, and Regulatory Affairs Committee as well as the Agriculture, Water, and Lands Committee and the Commerce Committee. Darin worked hand in hand every day with the brave men and women of law enforcement and our military to make sure they had the support and resources they needed to keep our communities safe. Darin also worked with Arizona business owners, ranchers, farmers, miners, teachers, parents, and many others to ensure that Arizona was in the best position to prosper. Having kept his promise to the voters, Darin returned to his business and private life.


With Joe Biden and the radical progressives waging war against the American people, free market capitalism, and the American Dream itself, Darin Mitchell believes it is necessary to fight back now more than ever. With the fate of the country and Arizona’s freedom and prosperity under attack by the Left, Darin Mitchell is committed to bringing his experience and conservative leadership back to the Arizona Capitol to take a stand for the American way of life! Darin will always fight for traditional Arizona values, never compromise his principles, defend the American Constitution, and put Arizona first!